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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sunny - Sunny Gale

Sunny Gale
Warwick Records W 2018

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

A note found on Looks like an inofficial European reissue of a 1950s record with added tracks.

From the back cover: Sunny was born in Clayton, New Jersey, but grew up in Philadelphia. Vocal talents revealed themselves with inherent naturalness at an early age and she placed in several children's radio shows, occasionally appearing on the same programs as a gifted lad named Eddie Fisher who lived in a house just down the block from her home. By the time she had reached her fourteenth birthday, she was performing professionally at block parties, weddings, banquets and such throughout the Philly area.

Two years later, she placed in the finals of the Miss Philadelphia Beauty Contest, an award which preferred her the opportunity to enter the Miss America sweeps. However, the local Philadelphia prize brought with it several local night club offers – and Sunny never quite got time to hie her way to the boardwalk at Atlantic City for the big competition. Five years of grueling – but worthwhile – apprenticeship on the Philly nitery circuit followed, with the Gale song Stylings taking on polish and gleam. Then, one engagement, along came Hal McIntyre. Hearing Sunny and liking the hearing, he signed her on the spot as featured vocalist with his band. And, with the McIntyre crew, Sunny acquired her last bit of experience know-how as secure and mesmerizing performer.

When Sunny felt herself ready to try her wings on a truly solo flight, she hied herself to New York, secured herself a recording contract, and immediately recorded the original version of the big hit: Wheel Of Fortune. The rest is well-known entertainment business history. In the wax field, hit after hit has followed. On the bistro circuit, she has played such elite locations as the Flamingo and the Thunderbird Hotels in Las Vegas, the Latin Quarter and Blinstrub's in Boston, the Latin Casion in her native Philadelphia, the Baker Hotel in Dallas, the Riverside Hotel in Reno, the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach (and so on and on). In video, she's been the honored and frequent guest of shows like Ed Sullivan, Perry Como and Arthur Murray. And, there's something of an international dimension to her public appearance background – she has performed for both American Armed Forces and local civilian audiences in the British Isles, France, Germany, Australia, Algiers, Morocco and several other portions of Africa.

The present album is Sunny's first under her new association with Warwick Records.

Old Rocking Chair
He Loves And She Loves
Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?
It Might As Well Be Spring
Blacksmith Blues
Near You
To Ev'ry Girl, To Ev'ry Boy
Everybody Loves My Baby
The Very Thought Of You
Teardrops On My Pillow
Dance With A Dolly

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  1. Great catch! Never knew of her. Love her delivery.


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