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Friday, September 23, 2016

Perfect Percussion - The 44 Instruments Of Roy Harte & Milt Holland

Not Since Ninevah
Perfect Percussion
The 44 Instruments Of Roy Harte & Milt Holland
Percussion & Special Effects
A Richard Bock Production
World-Pacific Records

Buddy Montgomery: Vibes
Monk Montgomery: Electric Bass
Richie Crabtree: Piano
Benny Barth: Drums
Wes Montgomery: Guitar

Audio Engineering by Richard Bock
Cover Design & Photo by Woody Woodward

Sweet jazz flavored heavy percussion Space Age set that may have been better positioned to create commercial impact while competing for market share against similar products geared toward folks buying "exotic" music in 1959 rather than 1961 when a more "light pop" sound was beginning to emerge on the scene. None-the-less this set is terrific sonic ear candy for any age.

From Billboard - May 22, 1961: Those who love percussion have a rare package here. In addition to the usual rhythm section, 44 percussive instruments and special effects are used, including Chinese cymbal, Cuban cowbell, Mexican chocola, bird whistles, African talking drums and many others. These are played by Harte and Holland. Well recorded. In addition to being good stock for dealers, this package should prove of considerable interest to deejays.

The Kick
Dance Of The Siamese Children
That Old Devil Moon
Not Since Ninevah
Getting To Know You

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