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Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Only Have Eyes For You - Tony Motttola

A Stranger In Town
I Only Have Eyes For You
America's Greatest Popular Guitarist
Tony Mottola
Producer: Enoch Light
Associate Producers: Tony Mottola and Jeff Hest
Arrangements: Tony Mottola
Project 3 PR 5094SD

Budget set released after Enoch Light retired from the music business in 1974. Cheaply produced jacket with a sticker pasted over and replacing the Total Sound address on the back cover with the name and address of the "new" manufacture and distributor: "Seagull Enterprises".

Even though the entire project is "budget-minded" small combo lounge pop you are still treated to Mottola's amazingly clean, rich-sounding guitar work.

I Only Have Eyes For You
Send In The Clowns
I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
What I Did For Love
Jelly Belly
Our day Will Come
Time In A Bottle
The Most Beautiful Girl
A Stranger In Town
Love Won't Let Me Wait

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