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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Music To Soothe That Tiger - Herbert Rehbein

Music To Soothe That Tiger
Herbert Rehbein And His Orchestra
Featuring Emil Wurster, Tenor Saxophone
Produced by Milt Gabler
Decca DL 74584

Seems like this set is available from online vendors as part of a "Rehbein collection" but not associated with this fab cover art. I will not be posting a sample.

Terrific cover art and mood set. The smoky jazz saxophone touches by Wurster make the set special. Rehbien's lush string mood compositions/arrangements are accomplished. Added, subdued violin solos and strumming guitar backup are just icing on the cake.

From Billboard - February 6, 1965: This album title understates the contents. The tunes and arrangements could sooth the most savage of beasts. Lush, smooth strings and brass envelop the listener into relaxation.

From the back cover: Rehbein, a newcomer to America audiences, but known and respected in musical circles here and aboard as a gifted musician (he is an arranger for Bert Kaemphert and a musical director of Swiss radio), brings us a rich, full-bodied treatment of these beloved songs. The smooth sound of his romantic strings and the haunting, melodic interpretations of tenor saxophonist Emil Wurster, add up to listening perfection that sets you tingling.

When I Fall In Love
Don't Talk To Me
East Of The Sun
Chances Are
The Lady Smiles
Prisoner Of Love
I Love You So
Love Is Here To Stay
If I Had You
Moon Maid
Speak Low
Dry Eyes

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