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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Mexicali Singers - Anita Kerr

The Unique Vocals Instrumentalizations Of
The Mexicali Singers
Produced By Anita Kerr
Engineer: Dick Bogart
Art Direction: Ed Thrasher
Warner Bros. WS 1641

From Billboard - April 9, 1966: Three girls and three guys from South of the Border have formed one of the most exciting vocal groups to hit the record scene in some time. They sing in the Anita Kerr manner - no words, just sounds. And what sounds. Selections are standards.

Interesting light pop project that appears to be marketed, from the cover art and back cover copy, as some sort of "folk/pop" album that might appeal to buyers that were looking for "Mexicali or Tijuana Brass" styled albums. However, the set is light on the "Mexicali and heavy on Anita Kerr Singers light pop vocal treatments.

Mexicali group member "bios" included on the back cover are humorous concoctions which seem to have fooled the Billboard reviewer. This is all Anita Kerr and her group of vocalists.

Great set that features a cover of The Beatles tune Michelle as the standout track.

This is the first of three albums that Kerr produced as a part of this project

Spanish Flea
Bye Bye Blue
Zorba The Greek
Flowers On The Wall
Yakety Sax
Tijuana Taxi
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Cotton Candy
A Taste Of Honey

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