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Saturday, January 23, 2016

30 Latin American Favorites - Eddie Cano

30 Latin American Favorites
Eddie Cano And His Orchestra
Pickwick PC-3017

The front cover implies that Pickwick jammed together 15 tracks to a side to produce a budget set of recycled tunes. However, the record actually features 4 medleys. Each track plays through like a single arrangement/song rather than a string of songs stitched together. While each of the 4 tracks sounds pretty much alike in tone, the record makes for a good dancing or background companion.

From the back cover: Cano started it all in a little after-hours club in Hollywood, P. J.'s, where the top stars gathered to cool out after a hard day's work before the cameras. But as the nightcaps were cooling off on the rocks, Cano sat down at his piano and, with his band, picked up the tempo on some Latin melodies. Before you could say "Rio Grande," the joint was rocking like an earthquake hit it.

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