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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Maracaibo - Laurindo Almeida

Composed by Laurindo Almeida
Decca Records DL 8756

Outstanding project from one of my favorite artists, Almeida.

From Billboard - June 23, 1958: Indie producer-actor Cornel Wilde hired noted classical guitarist Laurindo Almeida to penn the score for this lensed-in-South-America film; the result is an off-beat and very listenable brand of movie music, built for the most part around the guitar around the guitar work backed by rhythm combos. One concession to movie commercialism: a routine title tune sung (with ork) by Jean Wallace which merely subtract from the rest of the album.

From the back cover: Almedia was immediately enthusiastic about the whole project. He suggested that in many portions of the score we should have two and three guitars, and, as a result, we used very few instruments aside from the guitar; accordion, bass, trumpet, piano and drums. With these in various combinations, amazing effects were achieved in a score requiring enormous range of mood.
Main Title: Maracaibo Moon (Lyrics By Jefferson Pascal - Vocals – Jean Wallace)

Water Skiing
Big Man From Texas
Montage: Night Life In Caracas
Dawn Over The Lake
Pretty Eyes And I Am Yours
Not Afraid
The Lady Exposed
Montage #2: Night Life In Maracaibo
Ave Maria
Maracaibo Moon
True Confession
Finale And End Title


  1. Great find. I just picked up a great Almeida LP on Capitol (Villa-Lobos: Concerto For Guitar And Small Orchestra; Weiss: Suite In A Minor; Bach: Arioso). Great sound quality, great recording.


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