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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I'll Do Anything For Money - Bobbi Baker

I'll Do Anything For Money
Bobbie Baker
Tiffany Records 4001

Live performance recorded at Professional Sound
"Besty" (the elephant) courtesy Benson's Animal Farm, Nashua, New Hampshire
Photo by Photo International, Inc.
Cover Design: Lee

From the back cover: Being raised in a trunk (see front cover) is not a new experience for Bobbie Baker. Bobbi was raised in the true tradition of show business, backstage at the Palace Theater in New York, where her father played lead trumpet with the pit band. Her grandmother was a snake charmer with P.T. Barnum Circus and her mother was a singer and dancer.

From Billboard - November 7, 1960: Bobbi Baker is a comic who also sings now and then, somewhat in the manner of Sophie Tucker. Her monologs are somewhat on the order of Sophie Tucker, too, a bit raucus and a bit rowdy as well. Her comedy is board and night-clubby, and altho it doesn't had the appeal of a Shelly Berman, some will enjoy it.

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