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Friday, November 6, 2015

Erotiques D'amor

Side 1
Erotiques D'Amor
Recorded live, the sensual sounds of erotic love… set to music
Laff Records A5001

Also released on Montagnard featuring the same title type face treatment but different art.

From the back cover: That carnal carnival, passionate and proud… sacred and profane, most primitive act of man which brings him closest to godlike feelings… here recorded in all of its pulsating sound. Shivering breaths of animal passions mix with the rise and fall of man-sound and drumming gathering forces massing into crescendos of erotic and exotic sounds that fall away into the eddying currents of near quiet desire only to reawaken and blossom again.

The listener is carried as on the waves of the ocean tides from quiet harbors of sibilant sound to the mountainous roaring of the full running gale of human desire and fulfillment. With senses cast about as in a small boat at sea, battered and striving… until finally… cast into the waters and emotionally spent you are tossed up onto a small white sand beach where gentle waves lap at your feet and warm summer sun caresses your face. An almost unbelievable adventure into the world of experimental sound. A must for every collector.

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