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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Little Bit Lonely - Jeanne Black

I Almost Lost My Mind
Jeanne Black
A Little Bit Lonely
Arranged and Conducted by Billy Liebert
Produced by Ken Nelson

From the back cover: I first met Jeanne (and Janie - Jeanne's sister) when the Black Sisters began performing on Cliffie Stone's television show in Los Angeles. It didn't take long for Cliffie to realize that Jeanne was definitely headed for the big time. This idea took form when Cliffie arranged a meeting with Jeanne and Capitol Records' producer Ken Nelso. Ken was struck immediately by this exceptional talent, and Capitol proceeded to sign Jeanne to a long-term recording contract.

From Billboard - October 24, 1960: Jeanne Black, the pretty, red-haired Mount Baldy, Calif., girl who was unknown a few months ago, is the subject of a new Capitol Records album titled A Little Bit Lonely. It's Jeanne's initial album release and includes, of course, her two hits, He'll Have To Stay and the more recent, Lisa.

Jeanne Black was married to guitarist songwriter Billy Strange.

Hello, Mister Misery
He'll Have To Stay
I Almost Lost My Mind
How Many
A Little Bit Lonely
My Baby's Gone
You Win Again
The Loneliest Heart In Town
Beautiful Lies
I Know I Can't Forget
But You Don't Know Me

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