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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Brilliant Bellson Sound - Louis Bellson

So Long Blues
The Brilliant Bellson Sound
Louis Bellson, His Drums and Orchestra
Arranged By Louis Bellson
Tenor Solo: Aaron Sachs
Piano Solo: Eddie Diamond
Cover Illustration: Larry Harris
Art Direction: Sheldon Marks
Verve V6-2123
Division Of Lowes Incorporated

The Bam Boo or Chromatic Tympani gives this big band jazz set the "space age" edge it needed to sound fresh in 1960. The big band/combo sound is driving and bright all the way through. Solos include Bellson moments of course, but additional solos as credited on the back cover. I found the horn solos to be some of the stand out moments on the album. The sample above is the only track on the set arranged by Bellson and features a few of the more lengthy smoking hot solos.


Drums: Louis Bellson
Trumpets: John Audino, Guido Basso, Ralph Clarke, Fred Thompson,
Trombones: Earl Swope, Nick DiMaia, Juan Tizol
Saxophones: Herb Geller, Nick Nichols, George Perry, Aaron Sachs, Oliver Nelson
French Horn: Joe DeAngelis
Piano: Eddie Diamond
Bass: Charles Parham
Guitars: Lawrence Lucie, Tony Razzi
Boo Bams & Vibes: Jack Arnold

Drum Foolery
It's Music Time
Blast Off
Don't Be That Way
The Hawk Talks
Summer Night
Satin Doll
It Don't Mean A Thing
Speak Low
You Are My Lucky Star
So Long Blues

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