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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Around The World In Percussion - Louis Bellson

Oriental Spice
Around The World In Percussion
Louis Bellson His Drum And Orchestra
Roulette Records R 65002

This is a fine big band/jazz space age percussion album featuring Herb Geller, Willie Green, Joe Maini, Buddy Colette, Martin Berman, John Audio, Jimmy Zito, Van Rasey, Ray Triscari, Fred Thompson, Nick Di Maio, Tommy Pederson, Dick Gould, Mike Barone, Arthur Maebe, Red Callender, Jimmy Bond, Morty Corb, Tony Rizzi, Bill Pitman, Paul Smith, Lou Singer and Gene Estes.


  1. I bet this is a great album. When I was in my early twenties I walked into a sporting goods store in down Town Waterloo, IA. There was an old man working in the store. I told him I was looking for two batting gloves. He gave me a curious look and asked me why? I told him I was a drummer and that I wanted to use the batting gloves when I played the drums. He asked me to go in the back room and showed me in his office autographed pictures of buddy rich, louis bellson, and gene krupa. Serendipity

  2. Mark-
    I am working on Herb Geller's discography and have been unable to find this Bellson LP. Is there any chance I could get to listen to it? Many thanks. Noal

  3. Noal: Please email me and I'll see what I can do.


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