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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hawaiian Mood - Billy Mure

In A Persian Market / Mure
Swinging Palm Trees / Leilani
Hawaiian Moods
Billy Mure And His Orchestra
Luke Leilani And His Hawaiians
Spinorama S-157

Budget split LP between Mure and Leilani. Mure's side is a very good space age/exotica flavored set. Leilani's side features a pleasant, although more "traditional", sound along with the rocking swing tune thrown in as the last track (sample above).

I've got another Mure album in the collection, Spinorama M-147 which seems to feature the other side of this (Mure) recording session? I don't think that I've run across, or know of the title that might feature the entire set.

Hawaiian War Chant
Hawaiian Parade
In A Persian Market
By The Waters Of The Minnetonka

Lovely Guitars
South Sea Island
Swinging Palm Trees

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