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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dance & Dream - Marc Powers

Lonely Hour Blues
Blues Of The Levee
Dance & Dream
Marc Powers Society Orchestra
MVM 135

From the back cover: For many years the name Marc Powers has been synonymous with fine society music in the New York area.

Obscure album from the super budget label, Mount Vernon Music. It is hard to tell what the story is behind the music, if the selections were recorded by a single "group" or (more likely) compiled from a variety of sources. Marc Powers may be a real person or a made up name for a band leader.

Nonetheless, for a budget offering, there are a number of nice tunes to be found on the LP.

Soliloquoy is a typo as it appears on the jacket.

Fancy Lovin' You
Prof's Blues
Chopin's Polonaise
Lonely Hour Blue
Blues Of The Levee
Wistfully Yours

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