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Friday, November 21, 2014

Cugi's Cocktails - Xavier Cugat

Cugi's Cocktails
Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra
Mercury MG 20832

Available from your usual online vendors, so I will not be posting a sample. Shared because the copy I found still contains the original illustrated sleeve featuring an advertisement for a "portable" Mercury Phonograph made by Philips in Holland.

The set itself is very good period Latin featuring a mix of a straight "big band" and more "space age" sounding tracks. "Zombie" sounds as if Arthur Lyman might have help record the tune.

From October 12, 1963 Billboard: Cugi runs the gamut from "Cube Libre" (guaracha) to a "Singapore Sling" (rhumba) with tasty stops along the way to mambo, bossa, cha-cha, and so on. Cugi's Latin rhythm has long been a favorite among those who love to dance or just dream of far-away places. Best Tracks: "Manhattan" and "Blue Champagne."

Cuba Libre
One Mint Julep
Cocktails For Two
Rum And Coca-Cola
Cugi's Cocktail
Blue Champagne
Singapore Sling

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