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Monday, August 25, 2014

Intermezzo - Henri Rene

Theme From "Lost Weekend"
Henri Rene And His Orchestra
RCA Victor LPM-1245

From the back cover: The basis of his (Rene) thorough musicianship was laid in his student days in Berlin during and just after the First World War. He received a typically thorough German classical musical education, which has stood him in very good stead in his career.

Immediately after finishing his education he returned to this country (New York is his birthplace) and got a short-lived job as part of a two-piano team. His first paying job was as banjo player in Charlie Strickland's Orchestra. Before branching out with his own orchestra at the age of twenty, he played with other with other orchestras and toured in vaudeville – experiences that made him thoroughly familiar with American pop music.

In 1926 he returned to Europe and toured with his own orchestra before settling in Berlin as star arranger with Electrola, then RCA Victor's German Affiliate. Later, as music director of UFA (Germany's biggest movie company) and Tobis Motion Picture Studios, he wrote and arranged scores for movies.

After ten years in Europe he came home and, a year later, became musical director or RCA Victor's International Division – a post for which his European experience fitted him perfectly.

After 1941, when European sources of recordings dried up, Rene formed his Musette Orchestra and started turning out records that had the true Continental flavor. During the war he served as instructor for soldier shows in the Special Services Group of the Fourth Service Command; after 1945, he returned to RCA Victor recording stars.

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble
Roller Coaster
Mandolino Mandolino
Not As A Stranger
Toy Tiger
Moonlight Madonna
Bon Soir, Paris
You Are The One
Theme from "Lost Weekend"
Prelude To The Stars

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