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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exciting - George Cates

Royal Blue (George Cates)
Where There's Life (George Cates-Russ David)
George Cates, His Chorus And Orchestra
Coral Records CRL 57220

Exciting? Well, yes the cover art is pretty fabulous and the set, a finely crafted pop mood collection that is penned mostly by Cates and features just enough "space age" energy to make for an engaging play through.

Also see Cate's "exotica" album: Polynesian Percussion

Sophisticated Swing
Double Gaited
Rio Batucada
Royal Blue
Where There's Life
Champagne Time
Dance From Bonjour Tristesse
High And Dry
One Night In Monte Carlo
Madame Zajj


  1. I love this one a lot!
    I found a beat up copy & still love it.
    Congrats on the beautiful find

  2. I have a mint condition promo of this record i bought off ebay for 35 bucks last year


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