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Friday, July 11, 2014

OOH LA LA - Lilo

Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito
Seeco Records CELP 468

Obscure French actress performing a set that features a tune titled "Prunes" that happens to be the only track on the LP that isn't presented as a predictable "show tune" novelty.

From the back cover: Much has been said of Lilo – both in English and French – on both sides of the Atlantic. That she is talented, this is indisputable. That she is a stunning woman, all one has to do is look. But why have so many compliments been paid? Why have so many American audiences applauded for encores?

"Can-Can", the Cole Porter vehicle which brought Lilo stardom in Amercia, was an important milestone in a life devoted to the stage. A performer since the age of nine, Lilo worked to achieve the stature of France's most popular musical comedy star. And being a performer that she is, Lilo proceeded to bring her gallic charm and talents to the night club floor. After breaking theatre records with her performance in "Can-Can", Lilo found it easy to break records with her night club act in Miami, Boston, Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas, Tulsa, New Orleans and New York.

Nick Perito, until revealed years ago, undoubtedly was New York's most sought after accordionist on recording sessions. Today, however, he is one of New York's most sought after arrangers and conductors. His credit include arranging and conducting for such artists as Toni Arden, Jane Morgan and Edyie Gorme, among other.

Follies Bergere
Mais Oui, Mais Oui
Under The Bridges Of Paris
They Do The Same In Paris
Mademoiselle From Paris, France
La Parisienne
Oui Oui Oui
Je Vous Aime
My Man
They Are Too French For Me
Paris My Oldest Pal

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