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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Green Apples - Living Guitars

Little Green Apples
Little Green Apples And Other Country Hits
Living Guitars
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
RCA/Camden CAS-2302

I'll take a chance and say that Al Caiola was the session guitarist on this set.

From the back cover: If you want to hear what's happening these days in the country-music world, you needn't go a step further than this recording of "Little Green Apples" and Other Country Hits by the Living Guitars. Here you'll find those ruralized airs that have a foot in rustic heritage and have risen to the top of the charts.

This set wasn't "happening" in the "country-music world"… but as a light pop curiosity the LP has it's moments.

Little Green Apples
Stand By Your Man
Little Arrows
I Walk Alone
Your Squaw Is On The Warpath
Born To Be With You
Next In Line
Blue Grassin'
I Just Came To Get My Baby
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

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