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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Brazilian Cocktails - Leo Perrachi

Louis Oliveira Presents
Brazilian Cocktails
Leo Perrachi And His Orchestra
Recorded In Rio De Janeiro
Capitol Records T-10122

Available from the usual digital vendors.

From the back cover: With Brazil's finest pop orchestra of some 48 musicians, he (Perrachi) presents an ingratiating program of listening music with an emphatic, undeniable Brazilian flavor. Produced in the spanking new, ultra-modern Odeon Studios in Rio by Louis Oliverira, Brazilian Cocktails is offered by Capitol as a magnificently musical and authentic long-playing record – one quite unlike any other ever issued in North America by any company.

This is a sweet late 50s light mood album, a concept project of sorts that is more than a theme set that plays on "cocktail names". You will enjoy a sparkling journey in the same vein as some of the orchestrated work Les Baxter was producing at the time.

The last track on side one features a vocal introduction that sounds very much like Yuma Sumac, but there was no way to confirm this.

Tico Tico Zombie
Batida De Maracuja
Coffee Delight
Brazilian Hangover
Souse American!
Moonlight Daiquiri
Dry Copacabana
Champagne Cocktail
Latin Manhattan
Old-Fashion Bahia
Rio Martini

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