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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sounds Of The Woodstock Age

Ride Captain Ride
My Sweet Lord
I Think I Love You
Sounds Of The Woodstock Age
Volume 1 & 2
18 Heavy Hits Of 2 Hit Records
Played and Sung by Tribes
Pickwick PTP 2044

Also sold as single discs that Pickwick decided to package here together in a book-fold jacket. Disc one features a faked concert complete with audience sounds and announcer voice-overs. Disc two features no fake audience sounds what-so-ever… just "Woodstock" covers like "I Think I Love You"… You remember hearing this one when you were naked, stoned and wallowing in the mud...

From the inside cover: A gathering of over 300,000 young people. Hair of every length, beaded and booted, leaned and jangling with good vibrations they came from all over the straight country. These hirsute members of The Woodstock Nation created a musical get together that galvanized the watching world.

Superstars helicoptered in past the massive tie-ups on the highways leading to the rock festival that started it all. They idyllic cow pastures became blanketed by the bodies of the pilgrims of the acid age. Rains came down, down and people got higher, higher, higher.

If you were one of those standing naked, free, in that mud mire, stoned with the sounds you'll never forget it. For those mere mortals who Kismet placed beyond those hallowed boundaries, we bring to you our wild re-creation of the sounds of the Woodstock Age. Tribes are into it. Heads unite.

Disc 1

Hitchin' A Ride
Ooh Ooh Child
Evil Ways
Give Me Just A Little More Time
Are You Ready
Mama Told Me Not To Come
Ride Captain Ride

Disc 2

My Sweet Lord
Knock Three Times
Montego Bay
I May Never Be Free
Rose Garden
I Think I Love You
They Can't Take Away Our Music
Stop The War Now
Born To Wander

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