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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Desiderata - Charles Martin

Ambassador Record Co. - Newark, N. J.
S 98104

I vaguely remember hearing this song on the radio way back in my youth. The jacket notes don't offer any information as to who Charles Martin was. Only this credit: Aritst: Charles Martin.

Just For Today
The Canticle Of The Sun
To A Friend
Not By Bread Alone
I Am Music
The Builder
A Little Child Shall Lead
12 Rules For Happiness
Last Will And Testament


  1. I still don';t remember but it's as cool as the lava lamp that was surely illuminating the room within which it was played. I will remember to listen to the dull and ignorant from now on. They do have their own story.

  2. I found this record at a Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe in Orlando, FL (a killer record store specializing in rare finds). It was labeled "xian psych," which really piqued my interest. I was pleased to discover its idisoyncratic, psychedelic life lessons set to a mostly-groovy backing, paired with an impossibly square choir that sounds like the Church Ladies that the band precisely isn't. The result is like seeing your grandma at Woodstock, and it's pretty righteous.


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