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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Enoch Light and the Glitter Guitars

Love Is Blue (Jay Berliner on fuzz tone)
Enoch Light and the Glittering Guitars
Project 3 Total Sound

Typical, enjoyable Enoch Light light pop fare featuring many of his favorite session musicians (including Dick Hyan and Phil Kraus). Mottola himself plays on the album. Some tracks, like the sample above, are pumped up with more "heavy" effects. All of the tracks offer interesting listening, if for nothing else, to hear practically the entire Light stable of musicians play with "modern" sounds (many of which they originally created).

From the back cover: A sound that's made up of every exciting new guitar effect: Vibrola, Fuzz tone, Electric sitar, Electric 12 string, Miraculous foot pedal effects.

From the inside (gatefold) cover: To show the full potential of this unusual grouping of guitars, Enoch Light called together some of the finest guitarists playing today – guitarists who are not only legends among other musicians but whose musically fame has spread to the general public – Tony Mottola (Associate Producers), Al Casamenti, Jay Berliner, Bucky Pizzarelli and the inventive Vinnie Bell.

As a harmonic pad for this guitar ensemble, there is a 14-piece string section with George Ockner as concertmaster. For contrast, the sound of the flute or piccolo, play by Phil Bodner, has been added. And for rhythmic foundation there are an organ or electric harpisichord, a Fender bass, a percussionist and a drummer.

Arrangements for this unusual group have been written by Dick Lieb, a remarkably imaginative orchestrator who writes for the "Tonight Show" orchestra and for Radio City Music Hall.

The Look Of Love
You Showed Me
A Blues Serenade
Stand By Your Man
Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero
Love Is Blue
Polka Dots And Moonbeams
I Love How You Love Me
Rain In My Heart
Light My Fire
Turn Around, Look At Me
Games People Play

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