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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miguelito Valdez


Miguelito Valdez
Playing His World Famous Latin Rhythms

Miguelito Valdez died in 1960 (see his wiki page). Starting as a musician in Havana night clubs, he emerged and went on to become regarded as one of the greatest sonorous and guaracheros in Cuba. I might assume, from his wiki information, that the few Valdez tracks found on this record were made while he conducted his own orchestra in 1949/50. Budget label Sutton filled out the album with whatever Latin tracks they could get there hands on. It is difficult for me to tell which, if any, of the instrumental tracks are Valdez and His Orchestra.

El Tampa
Estampos Calleyeras
Toyland Cha Cha
Twilight In Barakeech
Shine On Harvest Moon
Glow Worm
In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
Midnight Breeze


  1. Plus a great shot of Mary Tyler Moore on the cover!


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