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Friday, November 1, 2013

Meet The Brothers & Sisters

Kids Of America
Get Together
Meet The Brothers & Sisters

From the back cover: Last year in Las Vegas where superstars, roulette wheel and big wheels vie with slot machines for customer's attention, there were two acts that rated spontaneous standing ovations: Danny Thomas and Bob Simpson's "The Bothers and the Sisters".

If descriptions like "wholesome" and "clean-cut" sound too much like a Boy Scout rally, then substitute "swinging" and "kicky". After all, there's nothing campy about sex appeal and this troupe of ten gals and seven guys is loaded. Not excluding their 20-year old director, Gregg Perry, who paces them, according to more reviewer, "to come on like gangbusters and blast an audience into clapping, whistling, screaming appreciation."

Their average age is 19, but this youth-in-motion group is professionally seasoned by appearances at glossy spots like Caesar's Palace in the company of Sarah Vaughan and Red Buttons; state fairs where they shared the stage with such luminaries as Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra, Jr.; TV spots with the likes of Tennessee Ernie Ford; and dozens of convention and club dates which evoked unsolicited written testimonials bristling with words like "exciting" and "inspiring".

In this album – a first edition which could conceivably become a collector's item – "The Brothers and the Sisters" prove they can move smoothly from far out arrangements of classic top tens to red-white-and-blue or solid rock. Their selections include originals from contemporary composers, including their own conductor.

This singing/dancing act has one further distinction: They are the only big league touring group with one home base. Swept together as a one-time act for a local newspaper promo in 1968, they have remained together to create the second product that make Milwaukee famous.

Kids Of Amercia
This Little Light Of Mine
Born Free
Natural Man
McArthur Park
Get Together
Scarborough Fair

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