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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reflections In A Golden Horn - Steve Douglas

Reflections In A Golden Horn
Steve Douglas
Mercury SR 61217

From the back cover: In making this album, I tried to pick songs that I felt represented some of the better contemporary songs done over the past several years and songs that had not been recorded very much, if at all, as instrumentals. They also had to be songs that would lend themselves to being arranged for the qualities of the saxophone. I wanted to make a pretty album and still do some of the songs that had been recorded as harder rock songs vocally. I think you will find some interesting contrasts in this album.

And indeed you will. This album is packed with creative and somewhat trippy space age arrangements including "Poet... from the movie soundtrack Hell's Angels On Wheels."

Session musicians include: Dave Cohen - guitar, Hal Blaine - drums and Larry Knechtel - piano and organ.

This Guy's In Love With You
Caroline No
The Look Of Love
Good Vibrations
Wear You Love Like Heaven
Walk On By
Never My Love
God Only Knows

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  1. Douglas, Knechtel and Blaine played backup on many LA session LP's beginning with the Duane Eddy albums recorded for Jamie.
    Corky In Tx


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