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Friday, September 20, 2013

From Russia With Love - Si Zenter

The Man With The Golden Arm (stereo sample)
From Russia With Love
Si Zentner And His Orchestra
Producer: Snuff Garrett
Arrangements by Bill Holman and Ernie Freeman
Cover Design: Studio Five
Liberty LST-7353 (stereo)
Liberty LRP-3553 (mono - cover pictured above).

From the back cover: If there ever was a "Si Zentner kind of music," this is it – music of great intensity and drive, just right for Si's big-band style. The Bond themes seem to have been made for Si's band, as do the all-time swinging themes like "Peter Gunn" and "Mr. Lucky".

From Billboard - May 23, 1964: The Zentner modern big band is a first-rate vehicle for the equally modern and intense themes for the equally modern of our more popular detective thrillers. Complimenting each other are Si Zentner and themes from "From Russian With Love," "Golden Arm," "Dragnet" and "Mr. Lucky," to mention a few.

The James Bond Theme
Burke's Law Theme
Mr. Lucky
The Third Man Theme
Peter Gunn
From Russia With Love
My Squad Theme
Bond's 007 Theme
The Man With The Golden Arm
The Fugitive Theme

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