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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Process 35 Percussion

Mambo Ravioli
Process 35 Percussion
Spinorama Records S-94

Budget looking cover featuring no real title. Process 35 refers to a recording method Command Records was using (and others copied) at the time with excellent results.

Tony Calioli And His Band (probably a made up name for a session collection) are credited for the music on the disc label.

With all the indicators going against this album I didn't have much hope for the audio content. But whoever worked on the arrangements did a fine job. There appears to be some filler amongst the gems... but not enough to slow the record down.

O Sole Mio
La Rosa
Mambo Ravioli
Bill Bailey
Finiculi Finicula
Cielo Napoli
El Choclo

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