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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Love Sequence - Morris Stoloff

Rosetta and It Was A Beautiful Dream
Love Sequence
Themes And Counter-Themes
Morris Stoloff And His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8407

From the back cover: His musicianship has won praise from many sources. He was nominated for the best scoring for a dozen different films, including "From Here To Eternity," and "5,000 Fingers of Dr. T." Moreover, he has been the recipient of two coveted Academy Awards: "Cover Girl" in 1944 and "The Jolson Story" in 1946.

I bought this album, drawn in by the curious title and pulp art styled cover. The record plays through differently than most mood music projects of the period.  The approach is small combo lounge with an unexpected orchestrated mood music overlay. At times tracks sounded somewhat like I was playing two records simultaneously.  The sample track above foregoes the layer of "mood" until about halfway through the piece.

Moonglow And Theme From "Picnic"
These Foolish Things
Love Come But Once In A While
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams and There Was A Time
Sentimental Journey To You, Sweetheart
You Can't Run Away From It
Save Your Sorrow and Last Night
Exactly Like You and Wanna Go Back To You
Our Theme And Counter Theme
Prisoner Of Love and Dream Awhile With Me, Dear
Manhattan Romance and Sweet Sue, Just You
Rosetta and It Was A Beautiful Dream
Walkin' Thru A Rainbow

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  1. Just great to hear this again!! I lost this LP some 50 years ago. I'd love so much to have it back. Thanks a lot, Mark, for this memory.
    Oski (Argentina)


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