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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Capitol Disc Jockey Album September 1969

The Last Thrill
Where Do I Go
The Capitol Disc Jockey Album
September 1969

Promotional sampler.

There is some good 60s vibe stuff on this LP. Kenton's tracks and the two Fourth Way fusion jazz tracks are interesting and obscure. Even Mel Torme's tracks are groovy. However, The Last Thrill - Jan Rubini wins The Atomic Attic Groove Example. Also check out Stan Kenton's cover of Where Do I Go from his album Hair. I need to go find a copy of that album... that track features a weird blend of light pop and downer lyrics...

Didn't We - Glen Campbell
Where Do I Go - Stan Kenton
The Next Man I Marry - Ingrid and Jim Croce
Theme From Summer Place - Jan Rubini
A Time For Us - Mel Torme
Clouds - The Fourth Way
Gotta Travel On - Glen Campbell
Aquarius - Stan Kenton
Age - Ingrid and Jim Croce
The Last Thrill - Jan Rubini
Happy Together - Mel Torme
Bucklehuggin - The Fourth Way

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