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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Direct From England - The Temperance Seven

Falling In Love Again
Direct From England
The Temperance Seven
Those Popular Gentlemen
Kapp Records KS-3287
1962 (Recording first published in 1961)

Featured today is a somewhat obscure LP. I listen to a lot of records and even though I enjoy them all for one reason or another... only occasionally will an album will jump out grab me as this one did.

The album features bright and sophisticated 20s styled arrangements presented with humor. Everything works. The engineering is excellent.

From the back cover: The musical arrangements for this recording were made by Josef Kronk, one of whose more corporeal manifestations can be detected at the keyboard in Falling In Love Again and Autumn Leaves. Recording details were in the hands of George Martin who, acceding to the band's requests, installed a single microphone recording system to enable them to achieve the correct period sound they desired.

The group stayed together from about 1955 through the mid-60s.

Read more about The Temperance Seven on their wiki page.

The Certain Party
Hard-Hearted Hannah
Black Bottom
Chili Bom Bom
Everybody Loves My Baby
Home In Pasadena
Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues
Falling In Love Again
The Charleston
Tiger Rag

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  1. Where can I download albums by this band? None of them ship to my country from Amazon.


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