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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Themes From Great Films - Richard Hayman And Hugo Montenegro

Themes From Great Films
Richard Hayman And Hugo Montenegro
Time Records 52112

Here's another album usually left in the thrift store bin because of lackluster cover. But you can almost bet the recording is going to be interesting if you see Montenegro's name on the cover (even if the credit is found on the back cover).

Notable names appearing in the credits include Al Caiola - guitar and Phil Kraus - drums.

This aren't a lot of quirky space age tracks, but this is a decent set that features better sound than the quality of the cover graphic implies.

Hayman plays his harmonica on the last track, Mutiny On The Bounty.


  1. hoots, mon !! -- that's the stuff rich fruit baskets are made of ! i wouldn't therefore mind a second bite out of this shiny little apple :-)

    anything with montenegro or caiola printed on it should be treated with respect and is almost certainly worth listening to.

    cheerz fer dis !

  2. Ahhh! Lovely! One of my favorite tunes!!


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