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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crazy Calliope Music Featuring Margie Meinert

Beautiful Dreamer
Crazy Calliope Music Featuring Margie Meinert
In Adaptions On The Wurlitzer Steam Calliope
Fraternity Records - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: Recorded April, 1957 at Universal Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois. Calliope courtesy of Horn's Cars Of Yesterday, Sarasota, Florida. Cover painting and design by Louis Spiegel.

Also from the back cover: On this calliope session, she was accompanied only by drums. The unwavering and infectious beat of these drums is not supplied by a mechanical robot as might be expected, but by a human automaton, Tommy Thomas.

Several years later Margie or Marjorie would release this curious album: Hi-Fi And Mighty on RCA.


  1. They call it "Crazy," but I call it "Heaven." LOL!

    Really, this is very good stuff.

    Hi-Fi and Mighty wasn't her only masterpiece!


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