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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paradise Moods - Martin Denny

Clair De Lune
Paradise Moods
Martin Denny
Sunset SUS-5102

Is this a "compilation" album? There is at least one tune from Afro-Desia and one from Hypnotique. Most songs appear as part of the track list for this album only (as far as I can tell) when I do a search. Some tracks sound more "vintage" and other sound more like Denny's small combo jazz stuff.

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  1. I just uncovered a copy of "Paradise Moods" yesterday at the Sal Army for a buck. Given the late date of release and also recognizing a few titles from previous LPs, I too assumed that it was a compilation or "re-packaging." It is interesting to note that even the cover art reflects a low-budget consciousness vs. the more glamorous packages of vintage-era Denny.


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