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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fantastic Themes - Felix Slatkin

Brass Pizzicato
Fantastic Themes
The Fantastic Strings Of Felix Slatkin
Liberty Premier LMM-13021

Liberty's upscale product feature Poly 120 Sound (or a heavy grade vinyl) and an expensive book-fold jacket featuring a die-cut cover (there is a square hole punched through the cover that allows the photo of the instruments headstocks to peek through).

Released and marketed side-by-side with Martin Denny's Exotica Suite and 50 Guitars Visit Hawaii, this is a pretty straight forward orchestrated easy-listening set that doesn't take many chances.

Carmen's Hoedown (From Bizet's Carmen)
Wistful Haven (From Dvorak's New World Symphony)
Run Strings Run (From Mozart's Rondo In D)
Winter's Sadness (From Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto)
Brass Pizzicato (From Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony)
The Merry Cobbler (From Sarasate's Zapeteado)
Hi-Fi Hero (From Beethoven's 3rd Symphony)
 Für Elise (From Beethoven's Für Elise)
Hora Staccato
Pensive Prelude (From Rachmaninoff's Prelude In C Sharp Minor)
Three Plus Two (From Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony)
Twist The Can Can (From Offenbach's Orphée Aux Enfer's)

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