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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marian Montgomery Swings For Winners And Losers

The Exciting Mister Fitch
Marian Montgomery Swings For Winners And Losers
Capitol Records T 1884

What a terrific space age jazz/blues album! According to Montgomery's wiki page (discography), this was Montgomery's first LP. This album doesn't appear to be available in digital form at this time.

The blend of Montgomery's fantastic "smoky club voice" and the band are right on. I love the organ breaks by Dick Hyman. Other session musicians include Sam "The Man" Taylor - Tenor sax, Joe Newman - Trumpet, Osie Johnson - Drums, Kenny Burrnell and Chuck Wayne - Guitar, George Duvivier, Milt Hinton and Joe Benjamin - Bass and Joe Venuto, Phil Kraus and Willi Rodriguez - Percussion.

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  1. Mark, you have good taste! Will bookmark and read regularly. Sincerely, Brian.


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