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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Lure Of The Blue Mediterranean - Alex Stordahl And His Orchestra

A Night In Tunisia
The Lure Of The Blue Mediterranean
Alex Stordahl And His Orchestra
Decca Records - DL 9073

Marketed in a January 4, 1960 Billboard advertisement by Decca as a "travel and historical" package.

The jacket is lavish book-fold affair featuring a die-cut cover which allows a color photo on the first page of an 11 page insert to peak through. Copy is written by Horace Stutton, travel editor for The Saturday Review.

Alex Stordahl, who passed away in 1963 was best known for his work with Frank Sinatra. From Stordahl's wiki page: With sophisticated orchestrations, Stordahl is credited with helping to bring pop arranging in the modern age.

Over-all, this is pleasant easy listening record that plays it a "safe" if you compare this set to the music Denny, Lyman and other artists were creating at the time.

From Billboard - January 4, 1960: A de luxe set that contains a full-color travelog folder, with music to match, in a most unusual die-cut package.

Majorca Isle Of Love
Isle Of Capri
Tunis: Ports Of Call
Red Sails In The Sunset
Autumn In Rome
Palermo: Ports Of Call
Off Shore
Riviera Pavanne
A Night In Tunisia


  1. hello music is not running.
    I can't play it.

  2. Hello! This happens from time to time with Divshare file server. I don't know why... check back later. Take care! Mark


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