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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Magic Of The Caribbean - Herbert Spencer And His Orchestra

Voodoo Moon
The Magic Of The Caribbean
Herbert Spencer And His Orchestra
Decca Records  DL 9080

Here's an example of "what was the record label thinking"? When I find jackets that cost a small fortune to produce, the first question I ask is why did the label think that this recording was worth the cost of the packaging. Or was it just time, in the minds of those in charge, to invest in a "trend"?

The LP comes in a heavy gatefold jacket with a die-cut cover (the hat shape is punched out of the cover). There are three nicely designed pages fixed to the spine the feature 4-color and 2-color printing.  Decca paid Richard Joseph, Esquire Travel Editor, to write the copy which is a somewhat dry history of the region.

The album is constructed in such a way to be a "concept" album... meaning that the tracks blend into one another, bridged mainly by canned sound effects.  The track I selected from side 2 may be the most "exciting". None of the tracks, in my opinion, mutually support one another so the effort to create a "seamless theme" is lost.

As you can tell from the sample, Decca at this time was competing against the likes of Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman along with a host of other artists and labels who were milking the folk and exotica trends and a tough market to crack with this product.

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  1. Hi: I used to have this album and loved it. Is there a CD version of it anywhere? Thanks much. John


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