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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Astromusical House Of Virgo

The Astromusical House Of Virgo
Arranged and Conducted by Ed Bland
Astro Stereo 1006
GWP Records

Apparently GWP released a set of records based on astrological signs in 1969. This is the first one I've run across. Each LP in the project features a different arranger/conductor.

T covers features a groovy chick decked out in some period costume. This outfit is credited to Oscar De La Renta. The jacket is a gatefold with pages of copy attached to the spine written by "world renowned" astrologer, Carroll Righter whose photo is featured predominantly on the back cover.

The music, for the most part, is dreamy, well executed easy listening. The cover of Satisfaction is the one "rocking" track. My question would be whether or not the arranger was tasked with creating a musical "vibe" that suited the "sign" or was the concept created simply as a trendy way to market a series of easy listening records?


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