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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Savage And The Sensuous Bongos - Don Ralke

The Savage And The Sensuous Bongos
Don Ralke
Warner Bros. 1398

A few days ago I stumbled across a very cool Ralke album titled Bongo Madness on Crown (1957). Ralke rockets straight into the space age almost skipping exotica on this album, his follow-up bongo project.

All of the titles read like an "exotica" play list. A few tunes play exotica-like, but for the most part, the vibe is totally space age. Titles include: Head Hunter, Saoco, Ju-Ju Man, The Mystery Of Yambuya, Voodoo Preistess, Face Beside The Fire, Poison Dart, Black Panther, Zulu Magic, Moon Goddess, Ritual Of The Cobra, Sacrifice Of The Maidens, Safradesia and Mombasa.

If forced to choose... I'd pick Bongo Madness over Sensuous Bongos. The vibe on Bongo Madness is unique.

Sadly for me, this one is also available for purchase/download, so I won't be posting a sample. This album is great fun!

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  1. SAVAGE and Senuous Bongos! The title alone would make me buy this! I love Bongo LP's anyway!LOVE the song titles!


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