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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hawaii's Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Hawaii's Greatest Hits Vol. 2
The New Hawaiian Band
Decca Records DL 75088

You will find numerous search returns on The New Hawaiian Band, but very little real information including the release date. The instrumentals were produced in Hawaii by Charles Bud Dant. Band members are listed on the back: Sonny Kaopuiki, leader and guitarist; Pua Almeida, doubling on guitar and uke; Jimmy Kaopuiki, bass; Benny Saks, vibraphonist; Alvin (Barney) Isaacs, steel guitar; and the incomparable Ohta San – probably Hawaii's greatest ukuele player.

This is a nice album. The music is light 60s Hawaiian style pop. Very smooth, slow and understated, not that crazy Enoch Light sound (not that there's anything wrong with that)! The "traditional" sound is augmented by enough 60s vocal flourishes and instrumental touches to keep your interest. What sets this recording apart from the piles of Hawaiian albums I have is the great engineering. There is a rich bass or low end to this record that is missing from most. All instruments are crisp and clear. The over all sound is rich and soothing.

For a slightly space age "island" sound, this album would be a good choice for you.


  1. These artists are NOT still working, wondering why you didn't bother posting. Most of them are, indeed, dead with the exception of Herb Ohta.

  2. Thank you for your comment. This LP is available, as I remember, as a CD or by purchase/download. If an artist is working, I don't post a sample in an effort to protect their creative rights. Also, just because an artist has passed away or a work is out-of-print doesn't mean that the work is in the public domain. There is a better chance that any rights holder for lesser known or obscure music will take offense at me posting a sample.


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