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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Romantic Guitar Of Vicente Gomez

The Romantic Guitar Of Vicente Gomez
Orchestra Conducted By Charles Bud Dant
Decca Records DL 8439

The December 5, 1964 Billboard gave this release "Pop Special Merit". The catalog numbers aren't the same. This album cover looks more like a late 50s release to me. The 1964 album is a reissue with a different cover.

The sample I posted above is a tune covered often by "exotica" artists. This is a nice album with a cool period pop flavor.

The Spanish-born American guitarist, Vicente Gómez, was born in Madrid in 1911. His father owned a tavern in the city's red light district, frequented by sailors and gypsies. It was there, in the kitchen, where the young Vicente, at age 6, began practicing the guitar, picking up flamenco rhythms from the patrons. At 12 he began classical training with Quintin Esquembre, a former pupil of Tarrega, at Madrid's Real Conservatorio. He performed his first concert one year later, in 1924, at the famous Teatro Español in Madrid. Read more here.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I have some of his stuff. Andalucia (sometimes Andalusia) often covered by Exotica orchestras. Lovely!

  2. Oh wow!! We had this vinyl recording. Unfortunately it got broken in one of our many house moves. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful artist.

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