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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beltran Plays Cha-Chas

Bali Ha'i
Beltran Plays Cha-Chas
Fred Astaire Dance Studio Favorites
RCA Camden CAL 679

Very nice Cha Cha album by Mexican Orchestra Leader Pablo Beltran Ruiz. This album was release on RCA's budget label, Camden. Beltran was made most famous for composing a song made internationally famous by Dean Martin as "Sway" in 1954, and later by Bobby Rydell in 1960, with English lyrics by Norman Gimbel. His music, including "Sway" have been used in numerous of films.

I'm not sure what the promotional tie in with the Astaire Dance Studio is. Perhaps the album was put together as marketing tool for and with the backing of the Astaire Dance Studio.


  1. That is a great old record! Love the cover! I have some that also have Fred Astaire's name on them. I think the dance studios endorsed them.

  2. That's awesome! I have some dance records with the Astaire name on them too. I imagine the Astaire Dance Studios endorsed the records!


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