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Friday, March 11, 2011

Melody Of Love - Tina Louise Gilligan's Island Ginger

The Breeze And I
Melody Of Love
Moments To Remember Volume 2
Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra
Enoch Light And His Orchestra
FDR MHK 33-1232
Waldorf Music Hall, Inc

The cover model is Tina Louise who later became widely known for her work as "Ginger" on Gilligan's Island.

Louis had made a name for herself by appearing in Playboy in 1958 and '59. This would account for her name and image appearing on this album. She actually has nothing to do with the record.

The album is uneven, given that Waldorf jammed onto the LP whatever they could beg from Light and Lopez. Both instrumentals and vocal numbers are included, some tunes are pretty dated sounding, but there are a few decent tracks including The Breeze And I (Light) and Blue Mirage (Lopez).


  1. So fabulous that Tina Louise is on the cover! Awesome find!


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