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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guitar... Mottola

Carnival Time
Guitar... Mottola
Tony Mottola America's Greatest Guitarist
Command RS 807SD

Tony Mottola and Command! Always a great combo!

Apparently this is a reissue of another Command title: Mr. Big (1959). This album features a different cover by the very creative Charles E. Murphy, the designer who created so many of the stylistically appealing early 60s Command covers. Curiously the back jacket informs the buyer to check for details inside the "double album jacket". This is a single jacket, not a gatefold.

The engineering, as usual, is amazing. The stereo processing is fantastic. Mottola plays over himself from one channel to the next. Mottola, out of the small group of fabulous guitarists working in New York (if I remember correctly) at the time, delivers his usual distinctive, full, warm and natural sound that is always inventive.

I chose one of the more "unique" tracks to feature. The album leans towards "jazz" but has a bit of that early 60s Command "light-pop" touch to it.


  1. Love Mottola! Always great! That's a nice one!

    1. Seems there are different versions existing. My copy is a typical Command gatefold.

    2. Thanks! That explains the jacket copy. Possibly the LP sold well enough that Command did an additional cheap, short run pressing? Hard to tell.


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