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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love - Monty Kelly and his Orchestra and Chorus

Monty Kelly And His Orchestra
I Love
Essex Ultraphonic ESLP-106

Here's a great 10 inch 33 album cover from a run of records released by Essex, a label own by the Miller International Company. The unsuccessful label was active from 1951 into 1956. Many covers sported great cheese cake images.

This release features some great light pop from Kelly, a staff arranger David Miller who was hired to work on 101 Strings.

Some of the better tracks from this album are available online for purchase by download. Crosswinds wasn't one of them, so I post the track as a sample here. I think you'll agree this is a very cool track and the only song on this release to feature a solo vocalist.


  1. Really fabulous! I'd love to find some!

  2. Is this Monty Kelly Record for sale? Thank You. Frank Bristow

    1. Hi Frank! Not at this time. Trying to find the record in my stacks would be a challenge. Mark


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