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Monday, January 24, 2011

Jerry Blaine - Looks Of Love

Looks Of Love
Jerry Blaine
Kay-Bee Record Co. Seattle, Washington


  1. LOVE it! It's insane! AND signed! WOW!

  2. I have two copies of this album... I used to cocktail and sing in the bar with Jerry in the early eighties here in Seattle...he was working cruise ships last I heard...Phil

  3. I was friends with Jerry on said cruise ships (circa 1992-5) Last I head he moved to Redmond Wa and was still doing occasional gigs on ships but that was 15 years ago....

  4. I used to sing with Jerry in Seattle too...any newer newss of his's been years since I've seen him.......

  5. I also sang with Jerry in various venues in Seattle. Worked with him in the Feather and Fluff Review at the Edgewater Hotel. Roomed with Teddie (the girl on the cover) a short time. Jerry was a very special talent. I believe he became musical director for Johnnie Rae before Rae's death I've searched for info on Jerry for years so thanks for the blog and any updates.


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