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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bill Flemming - Songs The Virgins Love

Mills Of Old St. Croix
Songs The Virgins Love
Bill Fleming
Westindy Music Co., St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
ML 1002

Here we have yet another flamboyant album cover featuring a fun play on words/visuals.

As I've said before, I could collect piles of these "island" albums simply for the cover art. Of course there are treasures to be found on the vinyl. On this album are a number of "lounge-styled" numbers that I find appealing over the standard "calypso".

This is a obscure album and there are only a few references to Bill Fleming to be found online. Musicians include Bill La Motta, piano - Frank Jarvis, drums - Leonard Creque, Guitar - Iggy Matthews, percussion - Aldis Samuel, conga - Errol Peterson, Bongos and Leyburn Watkins, Bass.

The April 17, 1965 issues of Billboard gave this album a listing with three stars.


  1. WOW, what a title! Fabulous cover. Fun tune.

  2. Please say you're going to post the rest of the album. I only know one song of his called "Lovin' Old Women Is Nice", which is a CLASSIC.

  3. I was just doing some family research and came across this - Bill Fleming was my grandmother's brother.

  4. Wow. I used to hang out with Bill in 1965. He sang at the Pirates Parlor at Blue Beards with Bill Lamota on piano I did not know Fankie Marvis played drums. Sadly I was watching ABC one night and saw his sister describe how he was a crime victim. His #1 song was Yellow Bird.


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