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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Music For Hi-Fi Bugs - Pete Rugolo

For Hi-Fi Bugs
Music For Hi-Fi-Bugs
Conducted And Arranged By Pete Rugolo
EmArcy MG 36082

Needless to say, this album features a terrific cover and the title track, For Hi-Fi Bugs, is an especially cool tune that reminded me of Rugolo's 1950s TV drama scores such as Richard Diamond, The Stranger, The Fugitive, Run For Your Life, Lie Detector and Felony Squad. Most of the set features more traditional big band jazz with extended soft smoky-sounding moments.

One interesting note from the back cover: An interesting aspect of the session for hi-fi bugs is the system of recording. Only one microphone was used – a counterrevolutionary procedure in these days of multiple mikes, tape tricks and recording gimmicks.

From Billboard - December 1, 1956: Pete Rugolo can always be counted on for a provocative listening experience – and he has planned an LP here that will be the talk of many strata of Jazzville. He has a big band composed of leading West Coast "modern" jazzmen and he puts them thru a number of highly original, and sometimes pungently dissonant, exercises. There is a variety of instrumentations and voicing that keeps the ear ever alert to the goings-on. Material consists of several originals and off-beat standards. Personnel include Shelley Manne, Maynard Ferguson, Dave Pell, Frank Rosolino, etc. Good listening for it's own sake – but an added kick because of its brilliant sound reproduction.

For Hi-Fi Bugs
Once In A While
Fawncy Meeting You
These Foolish Things
Later Team
Oscar And Pete's Blues
Dream Of You


  1. That is a true Manic Mark Magical Musical Moment. I need to find this.

  2. This cover reminds me of Syd Barrett's second solo album.


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