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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sounds Of Adventure - Les Baxter

The Sounds Of Adventure
Les Baxter
Capitol Record Club Exclusive

This is a two record set, book-fold jacket design.

This nice Baxter collection holds together musically. The jacket notes explain that Baxter experimented with rock and roll, but you will not find any of those tunes here. This is a mood set.

Quiet Village
Paris Interlude
Lost In Meditation
Dawn On The City
A Distant Star
Our Kind Of Love
Moonlight Stroll
Love Is A Fabulous Thing
Autumn Leaves
Blue Mirage
The Enchanted Sea
Dancing Diamonds
Hong Kong Cable Car
Blue Tango
The Other Side Of The Moon
Tom Dooley
Blue Jungle
Bustin' The Bongos

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